Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can make tuttu

J starts pre-school ballet with Crossings Dance Ministries in a week. So on Friday we went to get her ballet slippers, as promised. Aren't these cute?
I'd intended to buy her slippers and tights, then I would make her pink leotard. But I ordered the wrong-sized Kwiksew pattern from Wazoodle, I was running out of time and J was absolutely enchanted by the pink dancing gear and bigger girls trying on shoes and I got caught up in the moment. So $70 and a bit later, here's what we ended up with:
She also needs a flouncy, short pink skirt and for that, I figured I could wait the arrival of the Kwiksew pattern via Canada Post. But she fell in love with these tuttus of various colours. They cost $16 and were just two rows of gathered tulle sewn to a 1" wide, round piece of elastic. 'I can make that,' I thought and told J we were off to the fabric store. Since J was a baby, I've avoided fabric stores and shopped online. While her patience was limited, she found lots of pink cloth that she liked and wanted Mummy to make her something from each piece she found. To this sewist, her enchantment with the fabric was rather delightful and she didn't mind being re-directed to the projects at hand.
The tuttu material cost me under $6 but back at home and several hours later, I was wondering how much I was really saving....but... J loves it.
J lets most people know she loves pink. When MJ and I were preparing Sunday am's children program, we pulled off the internet the spiritual meanings of colours. J's delight in pink made even more sense when we discovered this: "Pink represents unconditional love – love requiring nothing in return. It is also the colour of friendship and conviviality. It can signify balance between the spiritual and material."

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Hi Shelley, M.J. just sent me your blog address. Can not wait to see J in her dancing outfit, love the little tutu!! Congrat's on your winning entry's at the fair and congrat's on the blog, I will keep checking in....