Monday, September 21, 2009

Shiny and Blue

J was off to a "super hero" birthday party on Saturday. Princesses are superheros, don't you know? We weren't arguing. J and I went to Fabricland on Friday for things I needed (i.e. pattern for the DKNY-like wrap sweater) It could have been tedious for her but she also enjoyed exploring the new store, finding this shiny blue fabric in the 50 per cent off Halloween fabric as a cape for last year's pink princess costume. Even though everything must be pink for J, the Cinderella dress she wants for Halloween needs to be blue.
I decided to put a rolled hem on the shiny blue fabric. I had never-used-before metallic thread in my stash that I thought would be perfect. But after breaking two needles, the machine jamming, I decided my serger does not like metallic thread. Or more likely, I don't yet know how to use metallic thread. But this wasn't the time to learn! So out came the rayon thread and J's cape was done.
A few items are lining up to be sewn. Fleece sleep sacks for my niece, one for the Ujamma Grandma sale, the finger labyrinth and of course, Cinderella's dress. In the meantime work's been busy and I'm battling some bug -- either the flu or got a bit of food poisoning. Hope it goes away soon.

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