Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surprise for Dad! Shhh!!

Yesterday morning my brother called. Our parents live about 13 hours away from where my brother and I and our respective families are. We both know that they are driving out for a visit towards the end of April to visit us and attend an anniversary party in Edmonton on the May 1st weekend. My brother spent last weekend with the folks and told me that they would head to the anniversary party before visiting us. I said I think they've got some things to pick up before going to Edmonton. Well, my brother told me, since he was the one to most recently visit our folks surely he would know their plans.
Right. Except.....Mom wouldn't have told him in front of Dad the surprise that she's arranged and that's due to be picked up around April 23rd in our area. The Maltese puppy lying in the middle is Mom and Dad's.
So, Bro, I'm betting you a Star Bucks Latte or equivalent that they'll come visit south before they head north. If I lose this bet, it's no loss since it just means I get to play with the puppy for a few days.

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B @ Sweet Limes said...

Oh my goodness what a pile of cuteness those three make. I think you might be winning that latte.