Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Slow going on 'The Project.'

I'd ever intention that when I went back to work, I'd have finished the sanding stage for the treadle machine and have a new blue skirt completed. But Monday I started back and neither were done. The skirt had a good chance -- I did complete it Saturday. But it was two inches too big in the waist! So lots of stitch ripping sometime in the future. The treadle has involved a lot more sanding than I expected -- all by hand. At one point I realized I was sanding away the fingernails on one hand! But underneath the very dark finish, I've discovered that the wood is actually oak. Actually, I needed help making that discovery. Ended up talking with a neighbour I've rarely had a chance to talk to. He does wood work, identified that the veneer was oak as is the 'plywood' between the veneer. He also showed me that the veneer is pretty thick so I didn't have to worry so much about sanding it away. The other neighbour has fixed the treadle. Apparently it'll need some painting. This project will take time, but I've enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know my neighbours and their own gifts and expertise.

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