Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember....I'm a guy

Sneaker's a good sport but you can tell he is not at all impressed to be modeling my summer hat. Unlike Elsa (photo here of Elsa-the-dog sporting a child's hat)-- however, she was a girl and seemed to enjoy getting dressed up.
Nevertheless, Sneaker obliged me long enough to get a few photos of my attempt to avoid frumpy summer hat. This is Vogue 7600, view B. It has an incredibly wide brim at the front -- so wide that after a few hours at the beach one summer day, my face remained white while the rest of me tanned well! (On one of our few days of sun!). I top stitched the brim with various embroidery stitches on my machine, a chance to try out a few. It's made of a soft, cotton remnant from my stash. I'd purchased it at a used fabric sale with the hope of making a comfy shirt. While there wasn't enough fabric for a shirt, it ended up being the perfect material for a summer hat. The cotton breaths. Ideally, I'd love to add some ribbon and a flower or two. However, since this mostly gets used while camping or at the playground, somehow the silk flower won't do!


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the hat Shelley, Sneakers is such a good sport!!

Faye Lewis said...

You are right Shelly. If seeing my work encourages others to sew it is well worth it. After all it was the work of others that I saw displayed that encouraged me to enter in the first place. I already have some ideas for next year floating around in my mind, and who knows, I might even start baking pies to enter as a sideline. Thanks for the encouragement!