Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Remembering a Faithful Friend

This post originally appeared June 7, 2009. It was being targetted for spam from several Hungarian websites and I was getting tired of hitting the delete button so moved it.

I'm back blogging. Haven't posted for two reasons (i) Lost the faithful dog Elsa right after Easter and couldn't find the words and (ii) the Gortex jacket took f-o-r-e-v-er to get done. But it's June, the words have returned, the jacket is done and more sewing is in the works. But more on that later.

Elsa, my faithful Maltese, died April 17. Fortunately have a family who is willing to listen to memories. And it's wonderful having a four-year-old who openly can talk about missing Elsa. And so then I get to say, 'I miss Elsa too.' When we picked up Elsa's ashes at the Vet 10 days later, J wanted to come with me, carried the ashes' container out to the car and in her lap on the way home. I was quite touched that the Vet's office sent a card with Elsa's footprint. One day, J started singing a little ditty she composed as she sang about Elsa being in heaven. Today, J said Elsa is going to school in heaven. Which, makes sense that one might have to go to school to get oriented to heaven

When I've had a chance, I've dug into old photos. J's loved seeing those as has Joel. A time for story telling. The photos remind me that Elsa was lively, cute, fun and only in the last year and a half significantly slowed down. In fact, the hat photo was last May (2008)-- Elsa being a good sport in modelling the child's hat I was making. (you can see the spreading cataracts) The photo on the slide was taken September, 2007. Can you believe it, she was 13 and a half and had learned how to go down a slide -- willingly. How fortunate to have had such a dog and good companion. And what trouble is she getting into in heaven school?!!

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