Thursday, September 15, 2011

Toy Sewing Machine a hit: See what my little girl did!

I found my daughter a toy sewing machine on Kijiji.   She was ever so keen and excited to have a sewing machine like her Mom.  I was excited too.  It was ever such a bugger to thread and get going -- much worse than a regular machine.  But she loved sitting at it, pushing down the foot pedal and letting it go over the fabric.    Then she headed down to my scrap drawer, pulled out a triangle piece and one strip piece and declared she was going to make an apron with a pocket.  I was amazed at how she came up with the idea.  I told her how to cut out another strip.  Then we tried sewing it on her little machine.  The machine stitched through the fabric but the chain stitches wouldn't stay in place.  As I discovered --and what was re-enforced with research on the internet,  this is simply a toy to pretend to sew -- even if it does have a real needle and spool of thread.
       I had to act quickly to not discourage her.  "Let's finish this on my machine." We headed down to the basement and I set her up in front of my Elna.  Using the toy machine had taught her how to carefully lift the presser foot and place it down on the fabric.  With a little guidance, she sewed on her strips of fabric to make the apron straps.  Then we added the pocket she wanted.
     She was pleased and I am ever so proud.
      The Totally Me Toy Singer sewing machine is said to be for children six and up.  My daughter is six but she probably could have been using this earlier and enjoying it.  I noticed one review from a woman who has a three-year old.  The mother sewed and the little girl loved making the similar sounds on her toy as her mother did with her big machine.  Technically, the toy sewing machine doesn't work.  But as a toy and as a spring board to further creativity, it's wonderful!


Lizzerd said...

it *should* work, you just need to fasten/tie off the end so the chain-stitch doesn't unravel.
I wish I had had even a toy machine when I was six - my mom waited until I was nine, but by then I was using her 'real' machine!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Good job Joy!! It will not be long until she is sewing her own clothes!! We had the same disappointment when buying the little sewing machine for M.J. when she was small. We went out and bought a used machine with just forward and back and that is how she started sewing.

Vonnevo said...

Congratulations !!!!!
I am thrilled for your DD and you :)
Reading about your DD's sewing adventures, reminded me of my start to sewing when 5 years old, using a Wertheim treadle machine, way back when.

In 1984, I bought the first Janome computerised, TOL machine,the MC6000. There was I busy studying the manual when my five year old daughter, without hestitation, just pressed all the buttons and sewed !!!

Fast Forward, I am no a GM and have a DGD,(too young yet) who I plan on teaching to sew. My DIL does not sew, but she is thrilled that I will be able to teach her DD to sew.

Please keep us updated on your DD progress, either on your blog or PR.
Bookmarking your blog now :)

Best wishes to you both
Vonne in Australia

Shelley's Garden said...

Apologies for not responding earlier. Blogger has changed and while I love the changes -- missed that there were comments to moderate - though I looked!

Thanks for the encouragement. Vonne, thanks for bookmarking the blog. Will have more updates. I think a used, smaller machine is probably in order, Betty. Lizzerd-- thanks for the good tip.