Sunday, September 2, 2012

Curtains on the Old

 One of my Summer goals was to replace the youngest daughter's curtains.

     These navy blue ones were handed down from when her room was her brother's.  Years ago I added a ribbon trim to feminize it slightly.  But the time had come.  The navy had turned grey on the outside, faded by the sun.
 Her new curtains are re-made from an Ikea bed spread found in the "As Is" section.  She was quite excited about the bright pink.   I love Ikea's curtain rings with clips.  It meant I just needed to sew two rectangles (with deep hems to give them weight).  And yes, the youngest really does have such a beautiful view from her window.

To deter the inevitable fading from the room's south exposure, I added a lining.  It's actually an old bed sheet passed on to me by my parents.

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