Monday, October 13, 2008

Recent Sewing projects

 For sewists, you may have done similar. You see something that would be an easy repair and then take on the project.  J and I are part of a mother-run weekly play school.  It was toy cleaning night and I volunteered to repair the doll strollers.  But really, Aunt Marj started me on this.  She'd replaced the cloth on her grand-daughters' strollers which encouraged me to do similar with J's (left one) when the original Disney print fell a part.  Play School's  were better quality, though, and it just meant replacing a strap and re-sewing the bias tape.   J loved that we had three doll strollers around the house for a week!
I just finished sewing this BWOF T-shirt (6-2008) and will
 post a photo soon.  I made it with an incredibly light rayon knit that I purchased last June on Toronto's Queen Street.  Love the gathers at the side -- which make it look rather complicated but that was the easy part.  Learned how to re-enf
orce the neckline with interface -- after ripping out the first attempt.
I quite like this jumper from the latest Burda magazine  (10-2008).   I love how trim this looks and comfortable.  The only t
hing I'm hesitating about is that the back collar hangs down square like a sailor shirt.  Wonder if the collar would be too bulky or just annoying to wear.

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