Monday, November 10, 2008

Setting up House

My parents found this doll house for J at the Fairfield United Church Garage Sale. As you can see, she's likes it very much. From looking on eBay, I think it's a Fisher Price Loving Family Doll House, circa 1993. We're planning on getting her a few of the small dolls and a bit more furniture on eBay for Christmas. The decal decorations are quite faded so I'm hoping on my SIL Nancy's scrapbooking expertise to brighten it up. This is a big hint here!
J particularly liked the cradle that came with it since she enjoys playing with babies. However, one end was missing. Last night she and I made a 'new' one. I traced the one end on cardboard, cut it out, punched some holes in and then J painted. This morning, we put the cradle together and she was quite pleased with the results -- except she tells me the cradle now needs a blanket! I do like this age. Kids have such wonderful imaginations and it doesn't have to be new or fancy, in fact, fixing it up becomes part of the fun.

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