Sunday, November 2, 2008

Winter Jumper in balmy AB

This weekend I finished up J's jumper as well as a dress of the same material for her favorite baby. Quite amazing that it's the first of November and we could take these photos outside.

Here's a photo of the length. J was very intent that her doll be fully seen in the photo.

I added buttons onto the pockets which she was delighted to discover. She saw the cat right away. Because the pigs -- there's another on the other pocket -- blend into the material, she didn't notice these until she'd been wearing it for an hour. She was excited about that. But it seemed the best surprise came a few hours later when she discovered the button I'd used to support the stem of the pig button
I'd used a flat, heart-shaped button on the inside of the pocket to support the pig button. This has been referred to as her 'hidden' button.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the jumper, J is so cute in it, she is growing up so fast! The buttons make it so special for her.

Sylvie said...

She must be thrilled. A little girl dream to have a doll wearing the same dress. Very nice.