Sunday, January 4, 2009

One more Christmas item

Before the Season wraps up on January 6th, wanted to show one photo of dd. Here she is, helping out at the local Food Drive back in November -- at 3 1/2 she was keen to help move the food into storage after it was collected, helping the Scouts, volunteer firefighters and other foodbank volunteers. She wanted to go back the next day!

Back in late November, I was determined to get much sewing done for Christmas presents and here's the photo of the Wazoodle package of fabric. ost of that huge package from Wazoodle is sewn up - (save for 1.75 yards of a future fleece top). The morning of Dec. 24th, I finished the last present and sewed about 17.5 yards of fabric -- two housecoats, three PJ pants, one PJ shorts and 16 potholders. You'll find the pattern for these at Simple Pot holder pattern. Then during the days since finally sewed a red housecoat for myself. When I was planning my mother's housecoat, I ordered both purple and red fabric but it's sometimes hard to tell the shades of colours online. So I decided if it turned out to be Mom's deep red, then it was hers. However, it arrived as bright red so she ended up with purple which she seems quite happy with. Thought I'd get more sewing done after Dec. 25th but it's been hectic. The highlights were Christmas Day at cousins, my brother and sister-in-law here on Boxing Day and New Year's and C&T taking all three kids plus dog so Joel and I had a night away that went too fast.
I'll post a review of the housecoats soon. Now, some winter sewing planning.

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