Monday, June 22, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Well, not with straight rows. Look at the onions coming up in the lettuce. For years, I've very carefully used a string and sticks to make sure my rows are straight and marked each row. I started out that way and with a threat of rain early in the month, decided to just hoe rows, "throw' the seeds in, cover them up. And mostly it's been pretty successful. Except I discovered this week, that when I went back to plant onions, I did so in the middle of the lettuce, not beside it.
In sewing, I'm finishing up #128 in the June issue of Burda Magazine from seersucker cotton. (Sorry, couldn't get a link up yet.) It's a great pattern. Looks like a wrap-around dress, but it's actually carefully designed with pleats going in various directions. Will take a photo soon and hopefully also get the Gortex jacket up which is keeping me dry.

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Busy Mom said...

Shelley, I'm so sorry to hear that Elsa has passed. Thank goodness you are left with the wonderful memories and photos that will help you through.

I'm looking forward to your upcoming review of the Gortex jacket. It sounds like you've been spending a fair amount of time in your sewing room.