Sunday, August 23, 2009

When all else fails, improvise!

Finished the second edition of this Burda ruffled summer dress in time for the local fair. The first edition is on the left, the second is on the right. While the first edition actually looks
fine in the photo, the jersey material for the top was too casual for the satin-like skirt material. The fine knit used in the second edition is slightly tye-died and has a light pink lining. All was going well, until I top-stitched the neckline. I discovered I'd committed that great sin of not changing my sewing needle frequently. So there was a few runs on the left hand-side of the neckline. In 10 minutes I was leaving to take the dress to be judged at the local fair. I then remembered a flower left over from a hat for J. So I sewed it on with a bead over the runs. Apparently the judge found what was behind the flower, laughed, said it was a good idea and still gave the dress a blue ribbon!

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