Sunday, August 16, 2009

Meet "Caty" the Caterpillar

Two and a half weeks ago, I was dealing with the various creatures who were demolishing a rose bush and came across five fuzzy caterpillars. J and her little friend adopted them. The friend took three and they were later eaten by her puppy. J's two we put in a square Glad container. But instead of the plastic top, I pulled out a scrap of pink tutu netting and we used it as a screen over the top. (How handy a fabric and notions stash is!). J named them Caty and Paty. After a few days, Paty turned into a cocoon -- such a small one -- about half an inch long. it's hard to take a photo. Caty, however, has thrived on hollyhock leaves and has grown to be more than an inch long. We're all enjoying watching his progress and wondering how long Paty will be in the cocoon.

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Great picture, reminds me of all the jars of bugs we have had sitting around over the years!!