Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wonderful Wrappings of Fabric

Found the fabric to replace the top of the seven-ruffle dress below in Gala Fabrics in Victoria. I searched them out because of good reviews on Pattern Review. They were also having an amazing sale, so with the aid of a helpful Gala staff person named Karen, I purchased a few other pieces. Then I asked if they could mail it, since our car was very packed with four people, dog, camping gear, etc. They obliged and it was all nicely packaged with plastic and paper so it didn't cost as much as if it was put in a box.
J helped me unwrap the package. We looked through the fabric and then she quickly picked out what I'd found for her (Which made me think I'd chosen well, since she'd been with Grandma and Grandpa and not with me when I had my fabric shopping adventure). It's a blue polyester sheer fabric with stars on it (for only $1 per metre so I got 2.5 m) My intent was to make her another princess dress with it, as she'd asked. But now I'm wondering if she'd have as much or more fun with it as is. The left-hand photo shows her with the material wrapped around her. Instant princess dress.

Well, that fabric was fun so then she found the two fabrics for the ruffled dress' top -- the pink knit lining and the purple tie-dye mesh. In the right hand photo she's twirling around with the purple fabric and we'd tied the pink around her to hold up the blue sheer. I'm really happy that J enjoys fabric so much.

I was also grateful for the help of Karen at Gala. I showed her the photo of the dress and she found the purple mesh and the pink lining -- both of which match the skirt. Ironically, as does happen, the lining was more expensive than the outer layer. The purple knit mesh was on the clearance table.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Hi Shelley,
Had to come out of the garden as I have to get things ready for the llama show at the fair this weekend.Also have to finish up my entry's I put in. I think the secret to my carrots is what I put into the soil....llama poo that has composted for a few years...and we have lots of it..will try to remember to bring you a couple of pails this fall to dig in before the ground freezes. Hope to see you on Sat.

Anonymous said...

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