Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Preparations

Finished Princess J's Cinderella dress last night (McCalls 2856). It was wonderful to wake up this morning to her excitement over the dress. As soon as she saw it, she was figuring out how to put it on. It was worn to Church, has been on and off her all day and dragged through the house. I do believe she likes it! The sleeves and outside skirt is the 99 cents a metre fabric I picked up at Gala Fabrics in the summer. The dress fabric came from a free Fabricmart bundle more than a year ago. It's a cotton lycra and the lycra makes it heavy. I made it the largest size in the pattern envelope but it is really big on her. So I ended up basting two seams in the back to pull it in and the hem is 13"! Obviously there's lots of growing room but I thought she might enjoy having it for dress-up in the years to come. In the meantime, it's great for pulling over whatever clothes she's wearing. I picked up a few pink and blue ribbon flowers at Fabricland and those decorate the bodice edge and waist in the front. I'm going to add two shoulder straps because the sleeves are too delicate to keep the rest of the dress on.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Shelly the dress is so cute, she looks so happy with it, how will you ever get her out of it?

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Yes we really miss Asia, she kept the barnyard safe, was worried that Maxx would tackle the coyotes by himself without her but he does not feel safe either....will not go out unless I we have to get him another dog to get him to exercise his excess weight off him!!