Sunday, December 6, 2009

Distinctly Her's

Decided to make J a Christmas stocking. At nearly five, she is very clear on what she'd like. She was very keen excited about the embroidered letters for her name (other side) and the Santa trim that I got from the fabric store (rubbing it's softness on her face). The red was leftover fleece from my housecoat. I stiffened it by ironing on two layers of interfacing on the inside. J got into the button stash and chose a dog, bone and cat buttons (other side). We'd discussed a snow man but once the black top hat was cut out, J shook her head. Needed a dress, she said, pink, of course. So I figured out how to put a dress on a snow person, decided she needed arms, sewed on all the pieces -- because I hate how glued ornaments start falling apart through the years. I proudly presented it to Joy. She smiled so pleased. Then she became serious. The snowman needed hair, she said. How about a purple hat, I asked. Wouldn't do. She wasn't pouting -- if that happened, I would have refused. She just seemed to know that "her" snow person needed to have hair. So I somehow figured out how to make hair for a snow person, sewed it on also. Then came the trying p art of sewing the two pieces together. I have this lovely silver embroidery thread -- it's beautiful but it snags on itself as I sew. Through several projects it had me convinced my machine was in disrepair. Not so.
Despite some frustration, I am pleased -- it is something that reflects a bit who J is at this point. And reminded me of this post of Sarah Jacobs who makes Jewish ritual items. She works with 12 year olds to design for their barmitzvahs and batmitzvahs, encouraging a young teen to speak enough so what is created reflects who they are.

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