Saturday, December 12, 2009

A bit of variety

I have yet to make this Burda Girls' dress from the August 08 Burda in it's original form. Just finished another flannel nightgown for J. I set it outside her room for when she woke up. She was so pleased, she put it on and wore it all day as a dress with a turtleneck underneath. Good winter weather clothing! The orginal calls for buttons all down the back -- which is a lot more work to sew -- and not convenient for a child to to dress independently. In this one, I make the neckline large enough it could just pull over head

In another version, I altered the back yoke with a facing for buttons. Again, there would be no buttons at the back but just two at the neckline. This was a remake of a RTW version that J has loved until it's nearly worn out. I'd given her a choice of fabric -- light pink or bright pink -- and she suggested both. Smart kid -- I'd never thought of giving it some variety. I used an embroidery stitch to do the topstitching.

I'm attaching a photo of how I altered the back yoke pattern piece. But I really should have made the pattern piece without the fold -- so that only one end of the pattern has the facing. You may see the note I made for myself on the pattern piece! I plan on making this one again. It seems to be a comfortable shirt that J enjoys.

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