Sunday, February 14, 2010

Animal Comfort

Love this zoo animal fleece that I found online from Fabric Mart years ago. It's been waiting for something special. I pulled it out a year ago and J, about three years old then, said it could be a blanket. But she was well blessed with many baby and small child blankets made by wonderful church ladies so there was no need for another one. The fabric went back into the stash, awaiting inspiration. But a year later, J will graduate to a "big girl' bed soon and will need blankets for that. With a bit of serging, the two yards quickly turned into a blanket that yesterday morning we made into a tent. Very early this morning when she awoke sick and uncomfortable, I tucked her back in, telling her the animals would cuddle her. They were, fortunately, comforting enough for her to fall back to sleep.

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