Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Comfort for Resting

I know that photos of people actually wearing the clothes are better for blogs but I'm just not up to modeling these days!

Monday I had surgery. I'm fine. What was causing me considerable pain is gone and now it's time for recuperating. Partly in anticipation of surgery, I had made this fleece robe. I've made enough of them through the years that sewing this didn't take much thought but was a good distraction from the discomfort I was having. My previous robe was made out of microfleece. It's a nice colour, red, but I've decided microfleece isn't warm enough for me. The new one is made of thick, polartec fleece. Wonderfully warm and big enough to be used as a smaller, cozy blanket for taking naps -- which it was used for this afternoon!
For top stitching, I used one of the new machine's embroidery stitches -- vine leaves, it seemed to be. The stitches embedded into the thick fleece and I like the decorative touch. Someone once told me not to bother with interfacing on fleece robes. But I think the extra step actually helps define the collar better. I didn't bother with interfacing in the red one and the collar frequently gets caught underneath. The extra step is worth it.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

So glad surgery went well for you, take it easy. Love the robe!!

HavetoomuchYarn said...

Oh, does it ever look comfortable. The top-stitching looks great.