Monday, April 26, 2010

While lying down

I discovered I could cut out felt shapes for J's projects while resting after surgery (Though one does get covered in a lot of coloured lint!). She and her friend enjoy the Klutz Fun with Felt. It comes with all sorts of shapes and felt boards that you can make various creatures out of. The problem is, it's very tempting to start to start gluing the one and only shapes that come with the kit into your other fun, crafting, kid projects. So I pulled out the felt I've been collecting through the years and starting cutting out shapes. It's also given us a quiet project to do together. Here is J making a lady bug with great concentration. It's her first time following picture directions in a book and I think she was inspired by the real lady bug she discovered on the window sill earlier in the day. Before the ladybug, the pink cut outs went very quickly. Have to cut more of that colour!

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HavetoomuchYarn said...

Pink does seem to be the favourite colour. Hmm, how about a pink ladybug?