Saturday, May 22, 2010

Loopy Fleece, dolls and skirts

When J and her friend learned that I was going to make them matching skirts out of fluffy, pink fabric, they were excited. To say the least. They even helped with some of the cutting out. I wanted a knit short underneath -- these are very active little girls -- and used the short pattern for Kwiksew 3317 skort. (I'm not keen on the KS skirt but love that it's a comfortable knit short underneath like RTW girls' skorts.) Together, we traced out the different sizes for the two girls and the older friend was able to cut her's out of the light pink fabric. (OK, I trimmed the edges but it was a good job for an eight-year old.) Then the two girls asked for the scraps and designed these little dolls themselves.
I drafted the skirts from the fabric, based on their measurements -- their hip measurements, plus two inches for ease. I cut out the fabric along the actual fabric, trying not to slice the loops (and add to the substantial fuzz it left around my sewing area!) The waistband is made from pink ribbing. I cut it out at 2/3s of their waist measurement. This seems to be comfortable for them but also keeps it on their waist. No elastic was needed.
The two girls loved their skirts, each wearing it to their respective schools the next day. J, however, preferred to wear her skirt in her own fashion. She would pull the skirt up over her arms because she enjoyed the fuzzy loopy fleece against her skin. She went through her entire time at preschool like this!
I'm a bit challenged on how to care for the loopy fleece. I think if it's washed it would bunch together. So, it'll need to get the Dryell treatment. Not the best kid fabric but it's fun for them. I purchased this at Marshalls Discount Fabric in Edmonton last December. I've never seen it before nor since.


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Cute! Have you tried washing a scrap of this in the washing machine to see if it really does bunch? I'd be curious.

I need to try out Marshall's some time. There's one in Lethbridge too I hear. Maybe it's time for a family trip so mama can go fabric shopping. :) Are the prices as good as I hear?

Shelley's Garden said...

Haven't tried a scrap. I've noticed that the loops start to get 'fuzzy' after just a bit of rubbing so I don't think it'll handle the wash well.
Definitely worth a family trip to Lethbridge for Marshall's!

HavetoomuchYarn said...

That skirt is adorable! Should you make one for yourself too? I am quite sure I did not need to find out about Marshall's. Hmmm, do you need someone to drive you down?
who not only does not need any more yarn but also no more fabric..