Saturday, May 15, 2010

'This horse says "Hey".'

The horse flannel has been in the stash since the winter -- waiting to be made into PJ bottoms for my brother and nephew. This was the week to get them done! The flannel seems to have been part of a fabric series of farm animals -- cows, ducks, etc. I'd seen it on before Christmas but got to purchase it in person at Marshall's more locally. Which means I purchased in metres rather than yards and got more fabric. I really liked the cow series but it had pink and SIL pointed out that might not work so well for male PJs. In the end, horse flannel ended up being inspiration for a poem for the birthday card. I wrote it over breakfast coffee (and being able to write made me think I'm starting to get better). Pictured is the first of the three verses.
Earlier, as I began laying out the pattern pieces on the fabric, J said she wanted a pair of PJ bottoms also. "It's so soft," she said, running her toes over the fabric. I said there wasn't enough fabric but it turned out that 4 metres instead of 4 yards meant just enough for all three pairs. Thursday night we had Brad's birthday supper at a restaurant -- he opened his first, then the kids. Lots of smiles. I'd added pockets to the side of one leg on each and embroidered their names on each.


HavetoomuchYarn said...

Cute fabric! Your card looks great, a keepsake for your brother.

Shelley's Garden said...

Glad you like the card. I hope he liked it also!

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Love the fabric!! And the card looks great. My sister would love that fabric too, she is a horse person..actually both my sisters are horse people.