Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dancing and a sleeve board

These have nothing to do with each other but they did last weekend. I realized J was about to begin her dance class and last year's RTW leotard was too small. Not wanting to make a trip into the city, it was time to put into use the leotard pattern I'd bought two years ago (a trip back in memory lane) but ended up buying the RTW one. Since the pink knit fabric was also in the stash and the pattern was long since paid for, I figured this year's leotard was practically free! Well, not really, but no recent money had to be put out.
All in all, it was quick to sew up and as easy or easier than a swim suit. Come dance class on Monday, it astonished me that you couldn't tell the difference between J's leotard that I made and the RTW ones of her classmates. I've photographed the new leotard beside the one she outgrew. The leotard is Kwiksew 2724
While doing the inevitable ironing that comes with sewing, I pulled out the sleeveboard from underneath the guest bed. It gets hidden under there partly because it's rather ugly.
I'd found the sleeve board in a local thrift store for $3. It's an incredibly useful ironing tool but I've been wanting to re-cover it. It was time to make it look more fun to use. So, in between sewing the leotard, I pulled out a scrap of cotton -- cheery yellow. For the padding, I used a piece of an old mattress protector cover I'd saved. I'm pleased with the transformation.
I do hope to get back to sanding the treadle sewing machine. It's a dusty job and one I've needed to do outside on the deck in daylight. So it's harder to get done in 20 minute snatches of time like sewing.

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cidell said...

Totally darling! I need to order from Wazoodle. I see a pink leotard in my future :)