Saturday, January 1, 2011

A bit of this, a bit of that

Sometimes the sewing ambition falls away and small projects fit the bill.   After a skirt I'd worked long and hard on, didn't work out, I turned to a bit of this and that.  Eventually I did redo the skirt but it's too cold to wear its embroidered sheerness so will wait until warmer temperatures to show you that one!

But here are a few simple projects that were enjoyable to grab a few minutes here and there to get done in past months:

I got a great deal on a red night gown from Land's End similar to this one....but it was too short, imho,  to keep the legs warm in winter.  So with a small bit of polka dot flannel from, I lengthened the nightgown and added some fun to its simplicity.

Every year, I try to make something for the Ujamma Grandmas Bags and Babies sale that raises money for the Stephen Lewis Foundaiton.  With inspiration from Brianne, I sewed up these fabric bags -- that could be used for gifts or simply to keep something special in.  Everything came out of the stash and some of the ribbon and cloth from the Unused fabric sale that the same women run each spring.     I was slightly anal about this -- even changing the thread colour to blend in with the decorative buttons on the pink bags -- but I liked the finished product.   A few of J's pony beads were used at the end of the ribbon pulls.  Two of the pink bags have a "Princess" theme and the mid-size one in the middle has music theme on the buttons.

J spotted Sponge Bob cloth in Fabricland one day and 'suggested' we buy it.  I found the pillow inserts at IKEA -- the feather ones because the polyester ones were just too thin and didn't have to worry about allergies.  She has one and the second one was made up for the nephew.  During sleep-over visits over Christmas the two five-year-olds were pleased they had matching pillows as well as the fact it was Sponge Bob

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

The bags are so beautiful Shelley! I wanted to make some this year too but did not get them done, I love bags!! getting quite a collection and I love them so much I just have not been able to regift them. Does that mean I am a bag lady. Wishing you a great New year!!