Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Gentlemanly New Year

A neighbour described our dog, Sneaker, as a gentleman.  And he certainly is.  He finds a way to get along with all manner of people and dogs.  In the past five weeks he's adjusted to a new puppy, smaller than him and then two other dogs visiting over Christmas.  With the puppy, he certainly had his nose out-of-joint -- until he taught the puppy how to wrestle.  For New Year's Eve we travelled to my brother and sister-in-law.  The puppy had its little kennel to curl up in.  We forgot Sneaker's bed.  The poor guy usually heads to bed mid evening.  He didn't know where to put his weary body and my sister-in-law snapped this photo near midnight. 
    But before I make him sound too saint-like -- there was the wrapped box of chocolates under the tree that he half demolished last month as well as managing to get the tupperware top off of the puppy food in the pantry.  Needless to say, Sneaker's gained weight and has yet again proved he's much smarter than us! (humans who put chocolates at dog-nose reach and leave pantry door open....)
   The puppy is named Grace or Gracie.  She "keeps us busy" as the five-year-old told the grocery store clerk.  But added many smiles and more laughter to our household.

   In terms of family this has probably been one of my busiest Christmases yet.  Lots of people to feed over the past week.  But gifts sewn were well received -- bathrobes to the eldest kids, pyjamas for Dad and a dress for youngest daughter's doll.  La sewista described sewing doll clothes 'like eating potato chips -- you can't eat just one, you have to eat to the bottom of the bag.'  She's right.  I loved making the dress and carried on.  More on those little garments -- once I figure out how to repair the camera's flash!

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