Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back Online

Rather wretched that I've not blogged here for so long.  Well, time to rectify that.  The fact is the sewing machine has been idle except for an occasional repair.   However, is this not a cute little girl all excited about St. Patrick's Day??!!    This was before breakfast and before her Kindergarten Assembly.  She and her class sang, recited an entire book they had memorized and then did a folk dance.  
     Our littlest dog had a run in with two larger dogs who got away from their owner out on a walk.    All is well now, Gracie will be fine and the other dog owners paid the vet bill.  But it was scary at the time -- She needed stitches above one eye and had puncture wounds in the opposite ear.  She had a broken rib and the vet told us that likely another bite and she'd be gone.  She slowed down for a bit but three days later was back urging Sneaker to play.
     We're proud of Sneaker who passed testing to become a Pet-Tales dog.    Apparently he's calm enough to be a volunteer dog and will be part of this program that struggling readers -- young children -- can read to a dog.  
     I'm hoping to switch into sewing soon.  One fun activity, though, was purchasing a Notions bundle from FabricMart Fabrics.  Oh my -- what a bundle of lace, buttons, thread and other items.  It was fun to sort through, decide what I'd keep and pass on.


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Glad to hear from you Shelley and yes that is one cute little girl!! She is growing up so fast. so glad that Gracie is going to be o.k. what a scary thing to happen, poor little thing, she is so cute. You should be proud of Sneakers, wow!! A Pet-Tales dog, who is enjoying it the most....Sneakers or the children? I have to get at my sewing machine one of these days too, keep checking out all the neat things on Fabric Mart but made a rule with myself that I have to sew up some fabric that I have before I can buy anymore fabric!! Have been doing a lot of knitting. am so looking forward to spring and green grass I tell you!!

HavetoomuchYarn said...

As soon as I have set up my sewing area — and have use the machine at least once — we should make a road-trip to FabricMart. I am sure Rebecca would love to come too. This yarn diet is great for my book and fabric stashing!!