Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mad Men find!

  This weekend was the annual Unused fabric sale of the Ujamma Grandmas.  Brianne and I headed in, arriving a half hour after the sale began.  We missed the earlier rush and encountered a line up of women waiting to pay for their wonderful finds.  The lineup extended the length of the Church Hall!  Not to worry though, we knew there was many a gem left.  Brianne kept well under her $20 budget -- quickly securing a large bag of wonderful finds for $14.  I, however, took longer:  I found two needlework kits, felt for J's craft projects, a seam guage, zippers, lace,  great quality wool and knit fabric....the total was about $26.  But as Brianne chatted with a new friend, I wandered to the $1 table.  My eye spotted this pink and white plaid fabric.  It was rolled up and I unwound it to see how much fabric it actually was. 

Voila!  Looks like this was sitting in someone's fabric stash for quite a long time.  Turns out it's a yard length of fabric sold with a matching zipper and suggestion for the skirt style it would go with, all on a hanger.  And, amazingly enough, the zipper was made in Montreal!  

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