Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dog's trail of disaster

Six-year-old daughter brought home a book called Cookies' Week.    She chuckles as she reads the simple lines about the cat that on Monday jumped into the toilet and got water all over, on Tuesday knocked over a plant and got dirt everywhere, etc, etc.
      I suggested we could also write a book like that about our one-year-old dog.  On Monday, Gracie chewed the dongle that connects Shelley's laptop to a projector ($40 replacement).  On Tuesday, Gracie chewed the corner of Shelley's leather Wesley Bible.  On Wednesday, Gracie ate horse droppings quickly followed by deer droppings found further on the path.   On Thursday, Shelley bought worm treatment at the drugstore and didn't correct the pharmacist when he thought the pills were for a child.  (Later, Gracie skillfully drops pill piece on floor whilst enjoying the cheese that had carefully encased it!)  On Friday, Gracie convinced older dog Sneaker to wrestle in the house, knocking over lamp, breaking light bulb and bending lampshade (Dog wrestling in house is forever outlawed).   On Saturday, Shelley discovered that lamp had likely knocked over camera and it now has smashed view finder, making photo taking impossible. (Sigh!)
      How can one 10-lb dog cause such trouble?!!  Of course, not all of these happened in one week --  just the horse and deer droppings, lamp and camera!   It's a challenge trying to do an online shop and not be able to take pictures!  Fortunately, eldest son lent me his Nikon Coolpix and I was trying it out this weekend.  Thank you, Eric!
     At the end of the day, she's always a loving, cute, caring little dog.  Who is also mischievous and rather expensive!

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