Thursday, October 20, 2011

What would you like in a baby sleep sack?

 Long-sleeve sleep sack for 12 to 15 lb. child
What's the best baby sleep sack for you and your child?  Do you prefer a sleeveless one or one with sleeves?

Tell me about your most favourite sleep sack for your baby and what you'd buy in the future or would recommend to a friend or relative.

I would like to design sleep sacks that fit a mother's needs and concerns for their baby and toddler.

As I've looked at some sites that offer baby sleep sacks, all are sleeveless.  There seems to be some concern that if a baby slips down inside the sleep sack as they sleep, they will still get fresh air coming through the armholes.  One site raised the concern that there is a 'possible' link between carbon monoxide and SIDS.

Interesting.  Because the long-sleeve ones I make are sized to gently fit at the child's neck so they can't slip down within the sack.  As a Mom, I ditched the sleeveless ones for my daughter in the winter.   Living in the Calgary area near the mountains, our nights get cold and I wanted her arms to also be warm.   She stayed warm and safe.

A new Grandma of a preemie boy told me her grandson has a sleep sack but he slips down inside it.  Yes, he would -- because he was in a sleep sack for an 8 to 12 pound baby and not one for his 5.5 lbs.    You want a sleep sack that will fit at the child's neck and I can make that.

That said, however, what kind of baby sleep sack would YOU buy?    Would you prefer sleeveless?

So looking forward to hearing your comments, insights and preferences.  Thank you for reading.

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