Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off to the Millarville Christmas Market

The Anita bag has two inside pockets and a large outside one.
 With a strong wind blowing over from the Rockies, my marketing partners and I opted to postpone setting up our tents until tomorrow morning for the annual Millarville Christmas Market.  A few years ago, many a vendor lost their tent in a windstorm the Thursday night
before the market doors even opened.
       So back home to put a few finishing touches on products.  I'll have two new versions of the Anita bag available:  One is a sturdy, green and deep pink bag and the other is made of a luscious brown and gold fabric (unfortunately, the photo doesn't do the latter justice -- though the model, Anita herself, is lovely!).   I also have some newer versions of the baby sleep sack.
      I feel very fortunate to be partnered with friends Pam and Jolene.  There has been much laughter in the preparation and I expect more in

 Jolene at the workbench (aka Pam's dining table)

Four of our 260 plus hand-painted Christmas decorations.  Pam Berrigan can personalize the decorations for you on site.
our three days together.    Besides doing a lot of individual sewing, we've painted up some 260 plus wooden Christmas decorations.    And, thanks to the expertise of Jolene's mechanic husband, we'll stay warm in our outside tent -- as will, hopefully, our customers!

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