Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wind's a blowing

   Just delivered three baby sleep sacks to two happy Moms.  I love making these sleep sacks!  I love coming up with new designs for the applique and the happy response from the Moms on seeing their new sleep sacks.
    For lack of a photo, I'm attaching one of the two light blue sleep sacks that sold quickly at the Millarville Market.   More colours since then.  One Dad asked if I would make a cat applique.  Ended up doing a cat's face -- and it had to be smiling.  I wasn't totally satisfied with it -- so gave them a discount.  The parents, fortunately, were pleased with the cat and sleep sack -- and the discount!!
   I'm challenged by photography in promoting my work -- one of you TOLD me I would do better with an SLR and you were right.  I can't get the clarity with my current camera and how I miss my 35 mm Nikkon of a by-gone era.
  Our weekend at Millarville went well and just to finish things off well, a huge wind storm came up and...it took days to get rid of all the dust on us and our belongings!!!   More wind today -- but at least we've enough snow on the ground to avoid dust.  Ironically, we had roofers re-doing our roof yesterday (insurance claim after a July hailstorm).  They worked well into the dark but haven't been able to come back because of the wind.  So we make sure we check the driveway for nails before backing out vehicles.
     Ahh, the wind's a blowing and the changes its brought are....delightful!  

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