Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wanderings in the Big City

Bloor Street, Toronto
For this Prairie/town/foothills person, coming to downtown Toronto means  stepping into an entirely different culture.   For starters, it's been fun to walk pretty much everywhere -- starting with walking to Downtown Camera at Church and Queen Street East.  Yes, I could have taken the subway for the three subway stops but I walked down Yonge, passed the tatto shops and restaurants and clothing stores much to see and so many people.
 Joel at breakfast -- the blurriness is photographer learning!
       The folks at Downtown Camera were super and I'm set up with my Nikon D200.  Thank you to Stan, Vlade, Tiffany Anne and Carrie who introduced me to these helpful folks.  Stan's Downtown Camera is the last independent Camera store in Toronto and it's a great place.  Do check them out online or if you're in Toronto.
      My few photos show I still have much to learn about the new-to-me camera.  The Saturday shot of Joel was before I figured out the shutter speed -- notice the motion of hand with his telephone!

Maple Leaf Gardens turned into Grocery Store
       While Joel was in meetings, I checked out fabric stores and this weekend we have continued walking and sight-seeing.  We took in Kensington Market in the winter, walked through the entertainment district passed Roy Thomson Hall and Friday night saw opening night of The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep.  The movie was OK but the best part was just a half-block walk back to the hotel afterwards rather than a 45 minute car ride.  Then there are the cave-dwelling aspects of city life which is very strange for a lady from the big sky country.  I needed insoles for my boots and found the sign for Mark's Work Wearhouse on Dundas Street beside a Canadian Tire sign-- just where Google maps told me it would be.  But coming in the door, all I saw was Canadian Tire merchandise.  I asked a clerk.  Go downstairs, turn right, keeping going straight, head out the doors and you'll see Mark's Work Wearhouse.  Down into the depths I went into the basement.  In one of the department stores, I realized the basement had three levels, appropriately numbered -1, -2 and -3 in the elevator.  I love Toronto but underground dwelling is the only part where I get neurotic.   Get me up on the surface!! 
      It's been a great visit but as I downloaded the Toronto photos into iPhoto, a winter sunset photo from back home came up.  I am a tad homesick and looking forward to getting home tomorrow.

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