Friday, January 13, 2012

With new(ish) eyes

Thanks to my friend, Bill, at Wolfpack Studios, I’ve been venturing into SLR Digital photography.  Bill lent me his back up camera, a Canon D20.    Oh my,  how wonderful it is  to be using again a camera that allows me to get more detail in photos.  When my daughter was a baby, I finally gave up on film camera, my Nikon FM2.  It was a great camera but it was time to head into the world of digital and carrying a larger camera, along with diaper bag, etc, just wasn’t practical.  For the most part, I was pretty pleased with the point and shoot Canons.   But now that I need to take photos of for my online business, the smaller cameras just weren’t picking up the detail that I would have liked.   (Besides the fact that my two dogs did in the last one)
         Because it's a borrowed camera, I’ve stayed close to home (and as far as possible from two dogs) for testing out the newer-to-me technology.  But one morning after taking daughter to the bus, I was elated that I could capture a photo of the moon – though the 50mm lens was a bit limiting.  But it hasn’t limited getting a few photos of daughter out on a walk – never before have I been able to take photos in rapid succession.

      I’m in Toronto now and yesterday ventured down to  Downtown Camera with the help of my friend, Carrie Cockburn (graphic artist, jewelry designer and photographer).   Check out Carrie's beautiful photography on her blog.   Wonderful to see Carrie -- we roomed together in my second year of journalism  and hadn't seen each other in at least 25 years.  
     Later today I pick up my new-to-me Nikon D200.  It’s not the latest in bells and whistles but it is a professional camera, sturdy and can do much   -- once I learn all about it!!  Excited about seeing the world in newer eyes and lens!  

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