Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do those eyebrows look like mine?

I've been on a hunt for my Dad’s birth Mom.  
          Nearly 79 years later, the trail is faint with paths that potentially lead one way or perhaps another.  Along one path I find photos of a man who may or may not have been Dad’s grandfather.   We look at the photos seeking facial similarities with Dad vocalizing our wonderings.  “Do those eyebrows look like mine?  I don’t think we have the same nose.”
Snippet of an old photo found in my research:  a relative?
 Dad, Mom, nephew and daughter, December 2011
          The connection between this man and Dad is possible. But I don’t yet have enough concrete evidence to approach any of the man’s living family members.   So my research continues.
            In the meantime, I post my daughter’s freckled face and receive a beautiful thank you from my Dad.   “I vaguely remember relatives remarking on my freckles but I don’t know at what age.  Many thanks and lots of love to you all.  Dad”
            Dad’s exact ancestry is unknown but among the known heritage he brought to the family, it does include wonderful freckles!   

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