Sunday, May 27, 2012

The trail gets stronger

Was I ever on the wrong path!  (last post) 
   Thanks to some helpful archivists at the Alberta Provincial Archives, the search for my Dad's birth mother has taken a good, possible turn.
    They unearthed the mother's name on my Dad's birth certificate in a 1916 census when she was nine years old.  Then they found an obituary from several decades later.  This woman never married and the obituary says she never had children.  Yet the obituary says she loved crocheting baby blankets for friends' babies, handing out candy at Halloween and had many little friends whom she loved and loved her.    If this is the woman who gave birth to my Dad,  these small snippets into her life, I think, suggest a woman who continued to love the son she brought into this world.  And she found positive ways to live out her grief and love.
      Tracking down her brothers has so far led to dead ends.   But a couple of other names in the obituary look promising.  In my last posted, I said the trail was faint after 79 years.  But in this internet age, the path to find my Dad's birth mother have probably never been stronger. 


Lorna said...

Shelley: Wow! Hurrah that internet research is leading you on a path to find information about your Dad's birth family. Isn't it amazing how the internet opens up doors that were once closed.

B @ Sweet Limes said...

How amazing! Good luck on your continued search