Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy 50th Mom and Dad!

Today marks 50 years since my parents, Ormand and Gladys, tied the knot.
Asked Dad last night what he remembered about the eve of their wedding 50 years ago.  Excitement, he said.  And happiness.  They'd just had someone lend them a 1953 Ford car for their honeymoon.  Dad's own car was taking months to repair after an accident.  Hearing about their predicament,  a man lent them the car.  It was his mother's and Dad had recently conducted the woman's funeral.  The nine-year old car just had 10,000 miles on it.  But the man still ensured it was checked by a mechanic and the gas tank full before their big day.
        Their honeymoon took them into Glacier Park, back into Canada through the Okanagan and then back towards Alberta via the Roger's Pass.  Apparently they drove through just hours after that extremely high section of the TransCanada was officially opened.  But along the way, Mom was idly playing with her wedding ring which slid off her finger and out the open window.  They stopped the car immediately, thinking the ring was surely lost.  But the new ring, glistened in the sun and they quickly found it.
Sweetgrass Hills near Milk River, AB by R. Gissing
Dad and Mom with Gissing's granddaughter on June 15 opening.

      Today our celebration will be small -- a picnic with family and friends.  Our bigger celebration was last month back in Alberta.    We finally got Mom and Dad to journey to Alberta.  Mom and Dad were giving a painting of the Sweetgrass Hills near Milk River, AB where they lived.  Members of the congregation where Dad served pitched in to purchase the painting by Alberta painter Roland Gissing.  Earlier this spring, Joel noticed that the Okotoks Art Gallery was organizing an exhibit of Gissing's work.  Gissing lived outside Okotoks in his final years.    I checked with the organizers and we were absolutely delighted to get an email from Gissing's granddaughter, Kori Gregory, telling us she was recommending that the Gallery accept my parents' offer. 
Cutting their 50th anniversary cake on June 16.
      We got to be part of a wine and cheese reception to open the Gissing Exhibit on Friday, June 15th and then on June 16th, gathered with extended family and friends to celebrate.  Lots and lots of food and good visiting.

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