Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer days and dragon flies

      Yesterday my daughter, her friend and I took a bike ride near us to look for wild flowers.     Along the way, we discovered a patch of tasty wild strawberries.  We used daughter's plastic Barbie bicycle basket to put the berries in that would be used with her Dad's birthday cake.  Somewhere along the way, thunderstorm clouds passed over us.  They brought no moisture then but just enough humidity to intensive the beautiful smell of clover and wild roses. 
      We also discovered scads of flourescent blue dragonflies among the long grass and bushes.  And, while the mosquitoes threatened us all along our trip, here there were none.    Since our back yard is full of mosquitoes, we decided to catch a few dragon flies to bring home.
 After lunch we returned with two mason jars and cheese cloth to cover the tops.  We caught two dragon flies with a butterfly net and then delivered them safely home.  We carefully released them in the middle of a mosquito-infested flower bed.   However, they entirely ignored the feast before them.  As soon as they were released from the jar they instinctively turned south and over the fence back to where they'd come from! 
   But at least, we got a picture!

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