Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Adventures in pet land

To celebrate our anniversary, Joel and I went away to Fernie for two days bringing J and Elsa the 14-year-old dog. We had a marvelous time. These photos were one of the rare times we were in the woods since bears were about.
Elsa -- who is deaf and sees minimally now --, enjoyed being away also. Before we left this am, we stopped in a nice coffee shop that had kids' toys in the corner. A good time we had. Came out of the place, it's pelting rain and the winds blowing hard, we're racing to the car trying to avoid grit in our eyes. Open car door and discovered Elsa had 'crapped' in the car -- even though she'd been out in the am. That would have been bad enough but then she'd stepped in the stuff and then bounced throughout most of the  car. There we were in the wind and rain trying to use baby wipes to wipe off the car seats, car mats, two dolls, a sticker book, doll bed. Then we drove to a grocery store to get Lysol wipes and more baby wipes and the task continued. It started to hail and rain harder and I was trying to remove the stuff off of Elsa's foot (the baby wipes weren't working so I resorted to putting water from my water bottle into an empty paper coffee cup and dumping Elsa's foot in it) It worked but I needed to change my pants after wards. J did ever so well at staying in her car seat and saying very little! Very wise. Joel thought he did very well at containing himself. So did I. But it was me who was mad enough with Elsa that she spent half of the trip home sleeping on the car floor.
Other than that, it was a great time!

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Shelley!! I thought I was the only one that had things like that happen. I know it is not funny....but it is funny....to someone else. Someday I will tell you my dog in the car experience. Actually have a couple. Give hubby a pat on the back for staying calm, mine would have been barfing in the woods. Other than the dog experience hope you had a great get away.