Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter boots give new lease on life

For a nearly blind, deaf, arthritic dog, winter 'boots' have given a whole new lease on life. Elsa's nearly 15 and with temperatures -25 celcius and lower, I pulled these booties out of the cupboard. While last year she seemed annoyed with them, this year she loves them. They were passed on to us by a neighbour whose dog didn't like them. I tried them out last year and Elsa tolerated them when she realized her feet were protected from freezing. But now she's discovered they give her extra grip to run around the linoleum in the house -- no slipping and slidding which must bother her arthritic limbs. So she comes in the house and starts running -- quicker than we've seen her go in a long time. The first night she was so excited at the momentum she had, she ran into the kitchen island and gave herself a black eye. Did she ever yelp! But now she's back to running, avoiding kitchen cupboards and even smiling again!

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Elsa looks so happy, who would have known that her wearing the boots in the house would help her with traction. I can not believe she is almost fifteen, what a cute picture!! Hope you are managing to stay warm.