Friday, October 8, 2010

For everything, a season

In spite of frost last month, my sweet peas are at their best into the second week of October. Their planted underneath an overhang to our house, facing the south. They don't get any moisture, unless we give it to them directly. Which means sometimes they get forgotten in the spring plus, you can just barely see the dead poppyseed flowers who earlier in the season were so bushy and green, they blocked the small sweet pea plants from getting needed sun. As the poppyseeds dried up, the sweetpeas flourished, their time has come. Thank goodness for the warmth now.

These carrots are also the best we've ever grown. I didn't expect much. Crazylady with purple fingers gets great carrots with llama compost. She was willing to share but it was too wet in the spring to get near the compost pile. This year, I'd purchased carrot seeds that are embedded into a paper tape that disintegrates as the season progresses. No thinning carrots! We're quite pleased with our little crop. This year's garlic didn't fair as well, however. But, I'd read that garlic planted near rose bushes keeps the bugs away. While we didn't get much garlic this fall, those little bulbs certainly were effective bug control!

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Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

You're carrots are beautiful this year!! We have to get some of the compost to you.